A  3-month healing journey to help you discover the root cause and optimize your health.

Show up for yourself, stay motivated, and get results

Hi There!

I know you are reading this page because you are seeking answers to your health problems.

You want someone to listen and help you solve your problems.

You are sick & tired and just want to feel good for once in your life.

You want to decrease your pain and feel like you have the energy to wake up and conquer your day. Well…I love to break it to you…that’s precisely what we’ll do.

Together we will create a clear and concise health roadmap customized just for you. This program started because…I’ve been to too many medical professionals and tried too many programs with minimal to zero results.

If you put your heart into this program, I can without a doubt tell you that your success is inevitable. How do I know this…because the most challenging part is getting started.

If you are ready to take a leap forward, then this is your chance. I cannot wait to witness the goals you will achieve and the momentum you are about to create.

To your health,

Why Supercharge Your Health Program Works


Personalized plans


Full Support




Wholistic Approach


All the possibilities and all the benefits…

Improved Focus

Healthier Gut Function

Enhanced Productivity

Lighter Belly

Reduced Stress

Decreased Joint Pain

Build Stronger Metabolism

Happier Mood

Heightened Clarity

Upgraded Sleep Quality

Increased Energy Levels

Hormonal Balance

Lower Inflammation

Balanced Blood Sugar

Happier Monthly Flow

Lose Body Fat

Client Love

Ruby is very thorough and takes her time to understand your problems. She provides you with all the necessary tools and guides in every possible way she can. After, talking to her the first time I felt very positive and motivated. Thank you so much, Ruby, for making me make the right decision and helping me learn a healthy way of life.        — Shubhda
Gloria lost 6lbs, has increased energy, found a new love for herself, is doing things she never imagined she could, decreased many of her symptoms.


— Gloria

Emily improved her gut and eliminated sugar cravings, stomach cramps, and bloating. She now has more freedom in life to eat what she wants and live healthily.


— Emily

Supercharge Your Health Program


In-Depth Session

90-minute initial consultation to dig deep and create a game plan

1:1’s With Me

Seven 45-minute Follow-up Sessions

Check-in Call

Two 30-min monthly check-in calls scheduled in the last two months

Personalized Meal Plan

Personalized meal guides, recipes, & lifestyle recommendations


Supercharged meal guides and more


15% off medical-grade supplements to guarantee purity and results

Email Access

Get your questions answered in-between sessions so that you have clarity and feel fully supported

Lab Analysis

In-depth analysis of advanced labs

Virtual Visits From Almost Anywhere

Achieving optimal health is more convenient now than ever before. Save a tremendous amount of time by choosing virtual visits, as they allow you to choose who you want to see, schedule at your convenience, and finally get the results you are seeking.




Save Tons of Time


Choice of Practitioner


Get Results

Are You Ready for Your Success Story…Apply Today!


Best Value Payment


Flexible Payment Plan

Initial Payments of $799 Followed by

2 Installments of $700

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